Best Wedding Dress Shape for your Body Type

Best Wedding Dress Shape for your Body Type

Feb 26, 2021

We often get the question: “What silhouette will look best on me?” We get it—for your wedding, you want to look your absolute best, so finding a silhouette that works on your body is key. A huge part of the silhouette decision comes down to personal style, but you should also consider what features you like best about yourself. Different silhouettes highlight different parts of your body, so choose one that brings focus to the parts you love. Below, we discuss the pros and cons of each silhouette so you can have a better idea of what you may want. 



9619 by Allure

When in doubt, try A-line. This is truly the universally flattering shape, staying fitted through the waist and flaring into an A shape. The way A-line dresses hit slims you and emphasizes your waist while bringing attention to your bust, and is perfect for brides who want something classic that they know will work. This shape can also make more petite brides appear taller! 


Fit and Flare

Canterbury Marie by Sottero and Midgley

Some brides can be intimidated by this shape, due to its fitted nature, but we find that most women look amazing in it. If you’re a bride who loves her waist and hips, this dress is perfect—fitted until mid-way down the thigh, this dress emphasizes your curves. Rather than slimming you, as an A-line dress does, this shape brings attention to your waist, and is perfect for women who want to highlight that area. 


Ball Gown

19242 by Calla Blanche

The ball gown is known for having that gorgeous, fairytale look, this dress has tons of volume and drama, and is great for brides who want something timeless that makes a statement. The full skirt of a ball gown is great for girls with slim hips who want to add shape, but like the A-line dress this shape often brings attention to the waist, slimming you, and looks amazing on most women. 



Mitchell by Maggie Sottero

The key difference between a mermaid and fit and flare silhouette is where the skirt begins to flare: on a mermaid dress, it begins at the knee, rather than mid-way down the thigh. This makes the skirt’s flare a bit more dramatic, and most times slightly more structured. Like the fit and flare, this is perfect for women who want to highlight their hips, and works great especially for curvy brides, as the more dramatically flared skirt balances beautifully with your curves. 

Want to come try on some of these silhouettes yourself? Book an appointment with us at Bridal Garden and let us help you find your dream dress!