Bride Spotlight: Elizabeth Andriushchenko

Bride Spotlight: Elizabeth Andriushchenko

Today we wanted to take some time to share a spotlight for one of our special brides we’ve worked with, Elizabeth Andriushchenko! She married her partner, Serge Bezruk, on September 9, 2021 at the Eastlyn Golf Course & The Greenview Inn. Our team at Bridal Garden in New Jersey loved getting the opportunity to help her and her bridal party find their perfect gowns! Scroll to see some of the beautiful photos from their wedding along with a little bit about their engagement and her process of finding the perfect dress:



Elizabeth and Serge’s wedding was six months ago, and she bought the dress of her dreams with us at the Bridal Garden almost nine months ago. They got engaged in May 2021, and after that perfect day, she came to the Bridal Garden with her sister and maid of honor. At the time of her visit, she wasn’t sure exactly what dress she wanted. After describing her vision to one of our stylists, she tried on a second dress that stole her heart! She said it was love at first sight, and they signed the contract that day and bought it immediately for $1,600.



When Elizabeth got home, she did a little research online and found that there was another boutique selling the same dress for about $400 less than what she bought hers for. She was disappointed initially because preparing for a wedding is such an expensive process! 

 The next morning, she told my sister about what happened. Her sister decided to give us a call (without telling Elizabeth) and told us about the discounted dress she found. We price-checked the wedding dress and agreed to return $400 to Elizabeth for the gown!



Elizabeth and Serge, we wish you nothing but the best in your new marriage! Congratulations!


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Photographer: Katya Seleznova