Top 3 Reasons You Should Take a Less-Is-More Approach to Wedding Dress Shopping

Top 3 Reasons You Should Take a Less-Is-More Approach to Wedding Dress Shopping. Mobile Image

May 20, 2021

At Bridal Garden, we help brides find gorgeous dresses every day, so naturally we encounter every type of bride out there—some brides find their dream dress in the first gown they try on, and some brides try on tons of dresses before finding “the one,” but most fall somewhere in the middle. We love helping our brides find the perfect wedding dress, but find that sometimes it can be a bit tough to help our brides who’ve gone into every store and tried on every dress—so today on the blog, we’re sharing our top 3 reasons you should approach your wedding dress shopping experience with a “less-is-more” mindset. 

Trying on Hundreds of Dresses is Overwhelming


While it seems like a good idea to try on every dress you can find so you can be certain you’ve found the perfect dress, past a certain point, the gowns start to blend together. It’s hard to determine whether you prefer the fifth dress you’ve tried on at the fourth boutique to the seventh dress you tried on at the first boutique—by that point, you don’t remember much how you felt in that seventh dress (or was it the sixth?), and it only makes your decision that much more difficult. As exciting as it is to think of all the other dresses out there for you to try on, in reality doing this will only make your choices harder and your shopping experience more stressful than fun. 

The Magic of Wedding Dress Shopping is Lost



There’s something special about the first time you see yourself in a wedding dress, whether it’s the one you end up choosing or not. Searching for your wedding dress isn’t just another shopping trip; you’re also creating a lifelong memory. When you go from boutique to boutique, the unique experience of being assisted by a stylist and seeing yourself in a wedding dress starts to become less of a cherished memory and a more mundane chore. And here’s something every bridal consultant knows: not every bride has that “aha!” moment when she finds her perfect dress. If you’re going from store to store waiting on that to happen, know that it’s perfectly normal for it not to! Besides, the more the experience becomes routine, the less likely you are to have that “wow” moment with a dress. 

You Need Your Time


Wedding dress shopping is time consuming! Appointments aren’t short, and that’s before you factor in any travel time you may have needed to get to the boutique. If there’s one thing you can’t have enough of when planning a wedding, it is time. Your dress is extremely important, but you still need to sort out invitations, flowers, the cake, decor, catering—the list goes on. Keeping your dress shopping down to one to two boutiques helps you have more time to ensure your wedding will look the way you envision it (and if you’re a bride who’s double checking every boutique for the gown, you’re probably going to want that time to make sure other details of your wedding are perfect, too). 

Approaching your wedding dress shopping with a mindset of less-is-more helps you find your dress a lot quicker, with a lot less doubt and a lot more happiness. Always worrying that you may have missed a better gown keeps you distracted from the real point of your wedding: you met someone you love, you’ve decided to embark on the rest of your lives together, and you’re celebrating your marriage. The dress is a huge part of your wedding, but it’s not the main event. At the end of the day, it’s about you and your new spouse. If you’re looking for stress-free shopping, a wide selection of breathtaking designer wedding dresses, and staff dedicated to helping you find the perfect dress, book an appointment with us at Bridal Garden!